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UNIDIR brings together states, international organizations, civil society, the private sector and academia so that we may work together—internationally, regionally and locally—to build and implement creative solutions that will benefit all states and peoples.

About the Portal

The UNIDIR Cyber Policy Portal is an interactive map of the global cyber policy landscape. It provides profiles of the cyber policies of all 193 UN Member States, in addition to various intergovernmental organisations and multilateral frameworks. This confidence building tool seeks to support informed participation by relevant stakeholders in all policy processes and promote trust, transparency, and cooperation in cyberspace.

To open a profile, click on the state or organisation of interest or use the Browse button. The Portal’s filter function allows you to search for specific policies across the database of profiles. You can use the compare function to analyze the profiles of up to three states or organisations side by side. The Portal is regularly updated to reflect the latest developments among profiled entities.

The Cyber Policy Portal is maintained by the Cyber Stability workstream of UNIDIR’s Security and Technology Programme, which is supported by the Governments of France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland, and by Microsoft.

A Note on Methodology

Most of the data on the UNIDIR Cyber Policy Portal is compiled from official and publicly available sources. Every effort has been made to trace information back to the official documentation disseminated by the State or intergovernmental organisation in question. Where this has proved impossible, data has been verified through multiple secondary sources. A small number of documents, which have been shared and approved for publishing by the relevant authorities, are hosted directly on UNIDIR’s servers. Selection and categorisation of relevant documents is at the discretion of the UNIDIR Security & Technology Programme and based on detailed analysis by project staff. Further details on how categories are defined can be found in the glossary.


Any English language translation is provided for information only and confers no rights nor imposes any obligations on anyone. Only the official publication of data in its original language, as promulgated by the proper government or official authority, should be considered authentic.

If there are translation errors, mistakes in designation, or outdated or missing information, your feedback is most certainly welcome.

The capacity building projects featured in the cooperation section on the individual profiles are provided by GFCE Cybil Portal. UNIDIR bears no responsibility for the content provided by other external platforms, nor should the inclusion of a resource on the UNIDIR Cyber Policy Portal be interpreted as an endorsement of the views expressed by the respective hosting institution.

The map on UNIDIR's Cyber Policy Portal is based on documents provided by the United Nations Geospatial Information Section. More information at:

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