African Union
Last Updated: November 2018
Strategy Documents
A Global Approach on Cybersecurity and Cybercrime in Africa
African Ministers in charge of Communications and Information and Communication Technologies

Identifies cybersecurity policy priorities for Africa, outlining:
• Strategic approach
• National cyber security framework
• Fighting all kinds of cybercrime at continental level
• Personal Data Protection
• Capacity building and awareness
• Enhancing Regional and International Cooperation

September 2016
Other Documents
Internet Infrastructure Security Guidelines for Africa
African Union Commission and the Internet Society

Helps AU member states strengthen the security of their local Internet infrastructure through actions at a regional, national, ISP/operator and organizational level.

3 May 2017
Comprehensive Report on Cyber Security and Cyber Crime in Africa
African Union Commission and Symantec Corporation

Goal of the report is to gain a comprehensive view of the major occurrences of cyber incidents affecting organizations and individuals in the territory of AU Member States

November 2016
Declaration on Internet Governance and Development of Africa's Digital Economy (Assembly/AU/Decl.3(XXX)
African Union Assembly

Reaffirms commitment to the need for stability, for the safety of citizens and enterprises, confidentiality of online data security, through the AU Convention on Cybersecurity and Personal Data Protection

28-29 January 2018
Specialized Agencies
(proposed) Africa Cybersecurity Collaboration and Coordination Committee
African Union Commission

Meant to advise the African Union Commission and policymakers on cyber strategies

24 November 2017
Key Positions
Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy
Regulations and Directives
African Union Convention on Cyber Security and Personal Data Protection

• Aims to create a legislative framework for cyber security and personal data protection in Africa
• Requires member states to develop a national cyber security policy and appropriate institutional mechanism for governance; legislation and institutions against cybercrime; ensuring monitoring and a response to incidents and alerts, national and cross-border coordination and global cooperation"

27 June 2014
Draft African Union Convention on the Confidence and Security in Cyberspace
African Union Commission, Economic Commission for Africa

Proposal of a Convention establishing a credible framework for cybersecurity in Africa through organization of electronic transactions, protection of personal data, promotion of cyber security, e-governance and combating cybercrime

1 January 2013
Workshop on Cyber strategies, Cyber legislation and National CERTs
African Union Commission
23-27 July 2018
Workshop on Cyber Security and Cybercrime Policies
African Union Commission, Department of Infrastructure and Energy

Jointly organized with the Council of Europe; objective is to discuss cybersecurity matters and further raise awareness

12 April 2018
Extraordinary Session of the Specialized Technical Committee on Communication and Information and Communication Technology
African Ministers in charge of Communications and Information and Communication Technologies

• Ministerial meeting attended by 12 Member States and three continental organizations
• Agenda included 1) internet governance issues and 2) cybersecurity and fight against cybercrime

14-16 September 2016
Capacity Building Workshop for International Cyber Security Negotiations
African Union Commission

Partnering with ICT4 Peace to provides an introduction to the subject of international cyber security policy and the current consultation and negotiation efforts

15-16 February 2016
External Cooperation
Joint Statement at the 3rd Forum on China-Africa Media Cooperation
African Union Commission, African Union of Broadcasting

Cooperation in cyber security and digitalization identified as one of three areas of focus

21 June 2016