Last Updated: November 2018
Strategy Documents
Commonwealth Approach for Developing National Cybersecurity Strategies
Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation
Identifies four Commonwealth Cybergovernance Principles
  1. We contribute to a safe and an effective global Cyberspace
  2. Our actions in Cyberspace support broader economic and social development
  3. We act individually and collectively to tackle cybercrime
  4. We each exercise our rights and meet our responsibilities in Cyberspace
2015 (revised)
Other Documents
Commonwealth Cyber Declaration
Heads of Government
Commit to:
• A cyberspace that supports economic and social development and rights online
• Build the foundations of an effective national cyber security response
• Promote stability in cyberspace through international cooperation
20 April 2018
The Cybersecurity Series: Capacity Building
Commonwealth Internet Governance Forum
Compilation of legal measures and other resources on the issue of cybersecurity
15 November 2010
Guide to Developing a National Cybersecurity Strategy: Strategic Engagement in Cybersecurity
ITU, the World Bank, Commonwealth Secretariat, Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation, NATO CCD COE

• Co-publication aiming to guide national policy-makers in the development of a national cybersecurity strategy;

• Provides an overview of a strategy development lifecycle, overarching principles for a strategy, focus areas and good practices, and supporting reference materials.

Commonwealth Cybergovernance Model
Commonwealth ICT Ministers
Adopted principles to guide Commonwealth members to plan and implement practical actions in policy development, regulation and legislation, cross-border collaboration, capacity building, technical measures and other operational activities
3-4 March 2014
Abuja Declaration on the Proposed Commonwealth Cybergovernance Model
Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation
Mandates development of a Commonwealth Cybergovernance Model
9-10 October 2013
Specialized Agencies
Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation

• Supports the development and use of ICTs within the Commonwealth and beyond;

• Promotes the provision and use of ICTs to meet the needs of members, to support development in Member countries, and to ensure the inclusion of marginalised people;

• Contains the Commonwealth Internet Governance forum, a working group on cybercrime

Regulations and Directives
Model Law on Computer and Computer Related Crimes

• Three sections: definitions, offences, and procedural law

• Offences relate to illegal access, interfering with data, interfering with a computer system, the illegal interception of data, and illegal devices

2002 (submitted, under review as of July 2017)
Commonwealth Cybersecurity Forum 2017
Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation
Key topics: economics of cybersecurity, privacy and data protection, internet governance, protecting critical information infrastructure, cross-border cybersecurity cooperation, cyber standards, cyberspace and extremism
22-24 March 2017
Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) Workshops
Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation

• Six regional workshops to help understand the Commonwealth Approach for Developing National Cybersecurity Strategies

• South Asia (2), Pacific, Caribbean, East Africa, West Africa, South Africa

Commonwealth Cybercrime Initiative (CCI)
Commonwealth Internet Governance Forum
Deploys mission team upon state request to conduct gap analysis, produce needs assessment report, and outline priorities and capacities for reform
External Cooperation
Global Forum on Cyber Expertise, Member
A global platform for countries, international organizations and private companies to exchange best practices and expertise on cyber capacity building
2015 (established)